Servicing your solar is not much different to having your vehicle serviced.
Having your solar checked and serviced is no different to getting your vehicles brakes checked!
Would you drive your car, carrying your family and not get your vehicle serviced and expect that is runs efficiently, safe and reliably??? I don't think so!! So having your solar inspected regularly by a trusted solar business, that has been servicing the Midwest for double the time of any other business. Yes that's right!
Sun City Solar was accredited years before ANY other business installing solar systems. We have more experience, installed more systems in the Midwest  than any other business in WA. and that's a fact!

What we offer for our servicing is far beyond any other service provider offers.

1.   Open inspection of roof top and Inverter isolators
2.   Volt drop test under load on all isolator contact points (preventing failure and 
3.   Full inspection of solar mountings Inspection of the wiring integrity and wiring
      enclosures, ensuring that no damage has been caused by UV rays, heat,
      vermin or other forces (ensures your system will stay on your roof under
      extreme weather occurrences)
4.   A comprehensive clean of your panels; removing dust, grit, bird droppings,
      residue, moss an any other debris that could be affecting efficiency
5.   A detailed clean of your Inverter, in order to minimise dust and other matter
      affecting the electrical components, Inverter cooling screens cleaned (remove
      dusts from vents and ensures inverter cooling is effective)
6.   Check and record KW/h production of your system, to ensure it still meets expected
      energy outputs, analyze operation and total power produced (making sure what
      you paid for is performing at optimum)
7.   Tighten all terminals on isolators and circuit breakers (preventing failure and
8.   Re-seal all isolators to ensure IP rating is maintained (ensuring they remain
      water-tight and free from moisture ingress weather proofing)
9.   Installation of our custom sun cover for roof top isolators (extra weather
      proofing and reduces UV damage to seals)
10. Installation of new FESA labelling and replace labels to meet current Australian
      Standards (AS5033)
11. Completion of test results certificate
12. New "Electrical Safety Certificate" for inspection service
13. Shade impact monitoring and advice where necessary
14. Anti-islanding tests
15. A detailed report will be forwarded to you explaining in plain language our
      findings and your systems performance

URGENT Recalled solar DC isolators.

The recall by Consumer Affairs throughout Australia after some fires were started by failure of some brands of solar isolators.

Recall of solar isolators
Failure of some solar isolators can lead to rooftop fires
Solar fire caused by failure of solar isolator
Consumer Affairs throughout Australia recalls failed DC isolators.
Many business's that supplied these isolators have closed their doors as they can not afford the legal liability to replace these failed components. Consumers left in the dark!!!
YOU MUST have your system checked by an expert NOW!