Micro Inverter Systems
Micro-Inverter Systems are the safest systems on the market. Classed as Extra Low voltage systems as defined in Australian Standards, where the maximum open circuit voltage can not
exceed 50 volts DC. This means
NO DC cables running through
your roof or ceiling, or risky DC isolators.
Enphase are the global leaders in micro Inverters and have captured 90% of the micro Inverter market and 60% of the entire Inverter market in America.
We are seeing up to 20% extra yield from these systems and can show you systems we have installed daily performance online in minutes.
The enphase system comes with free monitoring online so you can see your system in operation, access to YOUR "Enlighten" monitoring account on PC's, mobile phones and tablets, 24 hrs a day. You can see real performance data and operation graphs of your system.

Micro Inverter systems only require standard AC power cable, the same as the rest
of your power and lighting circuits, in your house, and protected in your main load centre or switchboard.

Micro-Inverters are fully sealed and mounted underneath your panels.
Each panel has its own unique Inverter, so no unsightly Inverter mounted on the front of your house.
Each system comes with an "Envoy" communications device, which stores and uploads information to your Enlighten Account, online and live. The Envoy connects to your existing internet connection, Wi-Fi, or other options we can discuss.
The minimum size system we supply is 2.5kW. Which is 10 panels with 10 micro-inverters coupled to Envoy communications device.

5.0kW Solar Energy System
Package Contents

  • 20 x 270W Solar Panels With 25 Performance Warranty
  • Or upgrade to LG Panels (LG Panels are extra) 
  • 20 x Micro Inverters
  • Full installation by our team

  • Comprehensive set of manuals

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