Solar Inverter replacements

I have lost count of the number of cheap inverters I have replaced over the past years.

So if you own a failed solar inverter here are the facts:

  • There are many Companies that imported their inverters and are now in receivership, so there is no warranty or support.
  • Most failed inverters are the cheap Chinese made, and as a consequence you cannot approach the manufacturer.
  • You are not alone, there are thousands of cheap solar inverters out there and they are all failing.

So what can you do?

Well there are two options:

The first is to buy a replacement inverter. The cost associated with doing this will vary depending on the size of your solar system; however the starting cost for a 1.5kW inverter will be around $699 and $129 to have it installed. If your inverter is larger then the cost will vary, please contact us and we can give a firm quote

If you do decide to buy a replacement inverter, make sure it is a good quality one, otherwise you will likely be back here again in another 12 months. Good Quality inverters have warranty periods around the 5yr mark, some inverters even have 10yr warranties.

The second option is to turn your system off permanently, and have the system removed by a professional CEC accredited person to ensure your components don't cause further damage or fire.

Replacement Inverters Size Guide:


Please note: This is a guide only, there are many more sizes available.
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